A thorough bred Mangalorean who loves his roots as much as his meats, I am a basketball fanatic, a sports advisor and a consultant to corporate brands and professional teams alike. I am also India’s first FIBA Player and Team Agent.

Born and raised in Abu Dhabi, U.A.E., I finished high school there before traveling to the beautiful city of Bangalore where I attended the prestigious St. Joseph’s College of Commerce. There I dabbled in Financial Accounting as my major in my third year quickly dreading the choice, focusing instead on forging a career in sports management. The tipping point of this decision came in Nov 2004, when I read that one of India’s probables for the 4×400 event at the 2008 Beijing Olympics sold plastic bags in a fish market. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but I strongly felt that we, a country of one billion, could afford to make the life of someone who may carry our tricolor on the world stage, a bit easier.

In the pursuit of a career in sports marketing, I attempted the Holy Grail of entrance examinations, the CAT, with the aim of getting into MICA. I belled the CAT with a 91 percentile, but more importantly, a 96 percentile in English, thus getting me a call from MICA, which was the aim all along. I sailed through the MAT and GD round, falling only at the PI round, where I was told, I wasn’t clear enough about my future plans. Go figure.

Dismissed by MICA, I embarked upon a job in the Gulf, which is less “pursue a career” and more “take what you get”. National Bank of Abu Dhabi found me worthy of some desk space, where I was fortunate to meet and work with an excellent team and even better bosses. I’m serious. Banking, however, wasn’t my cup of kah’ua, and soon I began day dreaming about a career in sports development. I narrowed down on Globosport and chased them for a year over the phone and email, before showing up at their doorstep. Thankfully they didn’t call the cops and instead led me onto their VP of Sport, who coincidentally was looking for someone to fill a spot that had just been vacated. Go figure.

The rest as they say is history, and my work has lead to projects with the NBA, BFI (Basketball Federation of India), Mumbai City FC, PSA (squash), adidas, Sprite, HP, Prime Meridian (real estate), Apollo Tyres Mission 2018 (now defunct), Globosport and CAA KWAN (India’s biggest entertainment and sports agency).

My passion, however, lies in development of sport and athletes, which I am currently pursuing through ElevateX.org where we identify, train hybrid athlete model citizens, i.e. Indian athletes that are beacons of success both on and off the court equally, with the aim to mentors for aspiring athletes, their parents and our society.

I can be found on Twitter and at LinkedIn.

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