I’m currently shuttling between Mumbai (work), Kochi (legacy project) and Mangalore (home).

Mumbai: I moved to Mumbai in 2008, after pithing to move to this city ever since I can remember. Eight years on, I am finally bidding goodbye to my residence here. I will continue to come to the city for ad hoc projects, but will largely be based out of Kochi, which brings me to…

Kochi: This is closest to my heart. I am involved with two projects through ElevateX led by the incredible James MathewsMyOneShot which is an athlete development program with a focus on strength & conditioning with the aim of turning pro; and a world-class sports facilities project. One of the success stories of MyOneShot is Palpreet Singh Brar, who recently participated in the NBDL tryouts held in New York.

Mangalore: The place I call home. A bunch of things happening here including helping Dad with his new waste management start up, drawing up plans for building a full basketball court in our backyard, and starting a hostel facility at our premises.

Currently Reading:

Tools of Titans by Tim Ferriss of the 4-Hour Everything (Work Week, Chef, Body) fame. This is a treasure trove of advice from over 200 of the world’s experts, initially shared on Ferriss’ record breaking podcast.

and, Choose Yourself by James Altucher. Don’t think there has been more influential book in my life this far. Breaks down pointless societal conditioning and give you simple, practical ways to dramatically change your life for the better.